Monday, December 20, 2010

Improve terrace farming practice

Understanding and studying the climate, geography , water supply these are very critical factors that needs to be taken care while going for a roof garden. Here in this post I will share few images and loss of vegetables that happened because of some of the critical factors that I mentioned before.

When I found small worms on top of the fruit, I tried removing it with my hand, instead I could have used a plastic cover to protect from insects or worms.Gradually bottle guard dried.and i lost the fruit.

Cucumbers could not resist from sunlight since it was spread on plastic sheets. When I realized the issue and could use another carpet made of cloth, by then it was too late and cucumbers were perished.

Spreads that I used for the the cucumber vine was a wrong choice. Vines could not sustain continuous heat from the sun. Finally Plant with the container was shifted to a place where it will be protected from heat, also it will get moderate sunlight too.

Pumpkin was not properly covered, pumpkin is highly prone to insects and other pest attacks. Proper covering is required. Ideally a plastic cup moderately a bigger size will do. But plastic cup may not be the right choice where it is exposed to sunlight.

Container was not with enough size to hold 3 bottle guard plants. Growth was stagnant so unplugged one of the plants from the container.

Design of the net was not proper, in fact the net should either be parallel to the ground or else it should be in climbing. Here it was almost like hanging shape and because of that i think the plants growth was not proper and some parts it was getting dried.
Now i could change the pattern and made it  climbing.

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