Thursday, February 3, 2011

Long Broad Beans (Vaalari Payar)

Long beans which I have never seen in vegetable markets, since I could collect this among other common vegetables, I thought this might be another common beans of its kind. The same plant and it's snaps was posted in my previous post, but now I feel this is some thing special so thought of having it in separate post.


Seeds looks like Raajma, but white in color.

Two plants were grown in a single sack. since
I am not sure how the plant look like or any vines that
 needs to be supported with climbers,
 so I planted very next to the bitter gourd. 

Plant started producing buds almost 2 months since planted.

Lavender color flower appeared with expectations.

In this image you can find the Broad bean.

In Malayalam it is known as Vaalari Payar.
'Vaal', means 'Sword' in English. since the shape and the length of this bean is almost like a sword.

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Since I heard that this particular bean can grow in good length, so I left the bean to grow the maximum.
Almost took 20 days of time to grow in this shape.

To prepare a curry minimum 2 beans required so i plucked one another which is smaller in size.

We prepared Beans Thoran. Main ingredient for this curry was grated coconut.

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