Monday, November 1, 2010

Okra ( Ladyfinger)

My favorite vegetable ....Ladies Finger. inspiration from friends and the delicious okra fry prompted me to start roof gardening. Managed to collect seeds from Kerala Agricultural College (Nadan Vitthu). From 3 plants I am getting 13 Okra in a week to prepare curry. I stopped buying okra from shop. 13 okra is not much sufficient  to prepare a fry, now planted 5 more plants.


Seed was sown on a tray first so that the seedlings can be transplanted. Make sure that the soil should not be marshy and the seedlings should be exposed to the sunlight.

After 70 days, 
Plants will give rise to leaves with small buds on the anterior part , which will fetch the flower and the fruit as it grows. Please find the snaps below on flowers and the fruit.

Flowers emerged and you can view teh pollination, when ever I reach the roof top i would be surprised to see the bees particularly for the pollination.
Okra in its shape...............
looking as fresh as it was born.........
Due drops on top of it gives a better afresh sight..........

I was excited to pluck okra and hurriedly looking to a curry rather a OKRA FRY!!!!!........

See the beauty of fingers..., the lady's finger

Fry is ready.I had the same at office   and enjoyed the taste and the output of my effort silently without making others feel of it. However I want to share my excitement, so doing it through this blog.


  1. Eat fresh instead of frying. That is healthy. I am using only raw vegetables & fruits, healed my diabetes completely. Now I started growing ladies finger at my home.

  2. I am a retired officer from np pwd now settled near kayamjulam having some 1 acre land. i wish to grow vejetables so that my retirement life will move smoothly. but i wani guidece from experenced persons

  3. Hello Sir,

    There are lot of kerala government supported organizations like horticorp, Kissan Kerala (

    You will get better idea and schemes from them.
    It would better to start in Micro level initially if you are doing this for the first time. Study of soil, surrounding environmental conditions, sunlight and trees grown on nearby locality all these are certain factors to be considered before selecting the type of vegetable that you want to plant or grow.


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