Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Growing green long Eggplant- Bengan / Vazhuthana

Green Eggplant looks a little different from Purple Eggplant, I was confused earlier as i created a post for Green Eggplant, but once it started growing I realized that it is purple egg plant. Now in my garden there are more almost 13 purple eggplant and just 2 green eggplant.

Seeds looks very tiny like purple eggplant and the germination of seeds was done in a tray and then transplanted to bigger container.

Germinated plant transplanted to sack container.
Image shows the plant with 15 days of growth.

After 45 days from germination, plant started flowering, flowers of green eggplant is different from purple eggplant.

First fruit appeared after 50 days of planting.
In this batch only two Plants. So may not fetch much of green brinjal.

Little fruit appeared with light green color. It may take another a week for few more fruits.

Total in two plants I could find three fruits.
also 3 to 4 buds appeared.

There are lot of pest attacks, so constant check is required.Either the worms can be removed manually or usage of garlic spray will restrict the pest attack to some extent.

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