Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lessons learned on Carrot plantation

Lessons learned on carrot plantation

Carrots are a cool-weather vegetable. Since the seeds are of smaller in size using seedling tray would be preferable. Seedlings appeared in 2 weeks and was ready to get transplanted after showing up 3-4 leaves.

  • Carrot grows well under sunlight
  • Compost is better to be used as the root penetration will be easier
  • Remove rocks, otherwise carrots will split, fork, and become malformed if they grow into obstructions. 
  • Carrots require a soil temperature of about 40°F to germinate; germination will be slow in cold soil.

  • Keep carrots evenly moist to ensure quick growth and ensure that it should not be submerged in too much of water.
  •  Do not allow the soil to dry out. Reduce watering as roots approach maturity; too much moisture at the end of the growing time will cause roots to crack. 
  •  Spread wood ash over planting beds to provide extra potassium for root growth.
  • Shallow cultivation is necessary to avoid damaging the roots. Mulch carrot beds to keep soil temperatures even. 

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