Thursday, December 23, 2010

Growing Elephant Yam in grow bag

Experimenting with new types of plants, Elephant Yam is a root plant that can be grown in bigger containers and the yam grows in bigger size. I could collect a small yam and planted it in a sack.

Yam is 1.5 Kg in weight after 7 months. It could have been grown to bigger size but the container was not sufficient enough to accommodate the yam and its roots.

I am trying to grow yam with a small yam(seed).
Planted this baby yam on 20th of December 2010.

Here again I used plastic sack (bigger Container). so that it can grow in bigger size.

This root category plant is taking too long time to grow.
This snap was taken on March 22nd 2011.
From the date of planting it is is now 3 months for the
 plant to take this shape as shown in this image.

Roots penetrating into the soil. This plant require much bigger container.

Leaves growing out of the germinated

Trunk look like the textures of a python skin.

Yam was pulled out of the container after 7 months from plantation. Image shows the roots around the yam.

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