Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brinjal Plantation ( Egg Plant)

Brinjal is one among the most beautiful vegetables, and also very tasty dishes can be prepared.
growing brinjal require the seeds to germinate first in a different tray.

I tried growing brinjal in plastic sack, it took 40 days to grow brinjal at this height.
Support for brinjal may require as the fruit is little heavy, so plan for the support prior to transplanting to bigger container.

Usage of fertilizer and other pesticides can be avoided to produce organic fruit. Soil preparation prior to planting is very important.

Soil preparation is done while using cow dung or vegetable wastes. Kitchen wastes can be separated from plastic papers and other non degradable wastes. these can be mixed with soil and can be prepared for producing manure. Same is being used here instead of fertilizers.

This gives more excitement when it fruits, I believe everyone would enjoy this result after a little effort and care that we can give.

Plucked from the garden and displayed at kitchen, ready for veg curry....yummmmm...


  1. hey thats good one.pls guide me how u prepare manure from kitchen........regards trushant

  2. Hi trushant,

    I think I missed this comment, everyday the waste that u get from vegetable choppings can be used in making manure, try to avoid food surplus in it.
    You can use a clay pot for dumping vegetable waste and apply little mud (collected while sweeping floor or the surrounding of your garden) as layers in between the waste. if you dont use mud then teh pot may fill with worms. periodic churning of the mix is suggested

  3. how to destroy pests like catterpillar etc

    1. It is not easy to destroy them, but for controlling it, am using the a solution made of dried tobacco leaves and detergent and apply on plants using a sprayer. Once in a week spray it even if you dont find any pests.

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