Saturday, January 22, 2011

Second batch Harvest

Second batch plantation with more varieties  like purple and green eggplant, and also certain plants in first batch started giving yield in second harvest. Tomato plants were grown in second batch plantation, but did not start giving fruit, but those planted in the first batch is still giving tomato.

 Okra (Ladies Finger / Bhindi ) 6 in Nos. 
 Tomato- 6 Plants ( Planted 6 months before).
Second batch of tomato plant added another 6 more plants.
 Pumpkin - 4 Plants ( Planted 5 months before)
 Green chilly - 10 Plants ( Planted 3 months before)
 4-5 chillies only , infected by pests , taking control measure while applying garlic paste spray and Neem leaf spray. 
 Snake guard 3 Plants ( Planted 15 days before)
 Not started yielding

 Green egg plant, Planted 4 Nos.(2 Months before)
 Cucumber 2 Plants ( Planted 15 days before)
Plant in in growth phase
 Indian Spinach (Green) 40 Plants ( Planted 20 Days Before)
Every plant was matured enough to use for making curries. We had a good Dal curry while using spinach as an ingredient.

 Brinjal (Egg Plant) 12 Plant (Planted 2 months before)

This image shows different varieties of vegetables.
I could manage to get almost every vegetable that is used in preparing SAMBAR.

My kid enjoying real life.............

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pests and Insects on Organic vegetable terrace garden

I could never find any of these pests before, but it is quite evident as they have started a habitat in my garden. One way looks good as these living things are satisfying there needs from my garden. But I have to take certain control measures to eliminate those which spoil the plant or the fruit.

This was found on the leaves of Green egg plant.

This bug is seen only on bitter guard plant and was more in number. This bug spoils the leaves of the plant.

No idea on this spotted dark green stuff, looks like the remains of some insect waste, when ever this is visible on a leaf the next day the entire leaf gets spoiled.

Let me call this as an Alien, look at it's antennae

Very interesting specimen, no idea what it is, but if you  look closely this resembles a Human skull.
this is almost sticked to green chilly leaves. the size of this creature would be that of a black pepper.

There was no movement when I took this snap, assume that this could be a dead larvae of some insect.

This is another kind of a pest that is visible only in purple egg plants.

Spider like insect resting on purple egg plant.

Worm, brown in color found in rose plant. This one is usually found after sunset.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Farm Productivity Measurement

Year 2010 was a good start with Organic Roof . However considering the number of plants and varieties, productivity was moderately good. End of the year (November -December) Retail price on vegetables sky rocketed. I could save my pocket as I did not buy few of common vegetables that is used in preparing dishes.

Below is the Price list of vegetables in one among the prime markets in Trivandrum City - Chalai. In the Price list corresponding to each vegetable I have added yields that I could fetch from my Roof  garden.

Price list as on : January 03, 2011 Unit of Measure in Kg.

* WP - Wholesale Price
* RP - Retail Price
* Rs - Indian Rupee (Rs 44.74 = One Dollar)

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