Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fertile Soil Preparation

Appropriate mix of soil is the key factor for a better farming, now if we consider a roof top farming it is essential for us to prepare the proper mix of the soil. I will explain the way how I did that.

In this image there are 2 different types of soil, one which is a mix of the compost and the other is clay. This image is taken just before mixing it to get it ready to fill in the Container.

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On the left side the container is with the cow dung. I am using these combinations for the soil mix. 

Collection of daily wastes from the vegetables that we use for preparing currys, other degradable wastes are dumped in a pit so that it will get mixed with the soil and finally we can extract the compost out of it. 

Clay Like Soil

Combination of different soil and compost
As discussed before, proper mixing is done with right combination of soil, manure and hydroponics.

This image of soil ( more like clay), which is not the ideal soil for the mix but I have to use it as it is onlyavailable.
Vegetable wastes

Coconut fiber &  Coconut husk

Cow dung (Gobar)

Clear Grasses and Weeds from the Container

There are certain herbal plants that may grow along the vegetable plants. I would not prefer to pull out the herbal plants but only the grasses and the weeds.

I could see deep roots that grow deeper into the container.This may absorb the minerals and other manure from the container.

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