Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Growing Purple Eggplant- Brinjal (Kathrikka/ Bengan)

No wonder why I added purple eggplant in my garden. It is again one another ingredient for preparing Sambar. Preferable to use tray with hydroponics for germinating the seeds. Transplant the same to bigger container.

Transplanted eggplant in a sack, soil looks very dry but its a mix of compost and cowdung.

Plant grew in height  in 20 days. and i could see one bud with 3 branches.

In this image if you notice you can find a small bud.
I believe fruit will appear in another 5 days.

After 45 days

Finally after 10 -15 fake flowers, appeared a fruit.

This eggplant is not exactly purple in color.

Fruit appeared after 50 days of planting it.

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