Monday, July 11, 2011

Seed Germination Indoor

Starting from month of May till September, either it rains heavily or too sunny which is not ideal for the seeds to germinate. Trying an alternative solution -" Seed Germination Indoor".
It is simple to setup one and this post will describe on germinating a bean seed in a tray inside store room under a table lamp.

Step 1: Fill smaller cups or seedling trays with fertile soil mixed with little compost. Seedling tray should have small pores for the excess water to flow out.

Step2: Place seeds inside the tray and sprinkle water gently or use a sprayer. 

Step 3: Arrange a lamp near to the tray and and leave one and half foot distance from the surface of the tray.
            Keep the lamp ON at least 6hrs a day.
Step4: Keep a check twice a day and ensure that the tray is sufficient with water for the seeds to germinate.

After 10 days seeds started sprouting with light green Epicotyl and primary leaves.

After 15 days the seedling is ready to get transplanted 
as it started growing towards the lamp light.

Step5:  Once the container is ready for transplantation, pull out the seedlings from the tray and plant it in the container.

Remembering the days of schools and chapters on 
Photosynthesis process. Plant leaves showed a behavior in changing the color of the leaves from lighter green to Dark green when transplanted to a container kept outdoor under sunlight. 


  1. simply awesome ... happy to see you doing what you enjoy !

  2. Thanks Ramesh, hope u liked it, appreciate you in creating an account and commenting. Try the same Organic roof in your place.


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