Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Growing Colocasia in grow bag on terrace

Colocasia plants are of multiple varieties. Usually plant is grown in shady gardens or found planted between Banana plants. Trying to grow the same under hot sun fetch me good result.

Planted one colocasia root in a sack, this sac was filled with more of compost and dry leaves.

Ideal time span would be 6-10 months to harvest. Since this was not of much excitement to me probably because I have farms on this at my native town.

The yellow flower in the image belongs to one variety of pumpkin plant but not of colocasia.

Uprooted the root , found bunch of colocasia root.
This could have grown in bigger size if left for at least 3 more months.

Washed the root part and plucked the root from the
plant. Roots still remain on  colocasia.

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