Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Papaya plantation

Papaya fruit is largely available on South America, Mexico, Africa, Indonesia and India. In India, production of papaya is 5.5 millions of tons (Source: United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, FAOSTAT)

Papaya health benefits

1. Contains Papain, a digestive enzyme and helps in breaking down proteins
2. Anticancer, fruit is being used in medicines and improves cardiovascular health and protect agaist colon cancer.
3. Papain is good for skin diseases as it kills dead cells and purifies the skin.
4. Inner bark of the tree is good for toothaches
5. Good for weigh loss. A bowl full of papaya can be consumed daily.
6. As this fruit generates heat in the body, that helps in stimulating estrogen hormone which helps in normalizing in irregularity in periodic cycle (Mensuration).
7. Effective against rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis
8. Flowers and the roots are good for curing Jaundice, Bronchitis.

Side effects and when to avoid

1. For pregnant women or an expected mother papaya is harmful.
2. Latex present in papaya causes uterine contractions which may lead to abortions.

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