Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roof Plantation - II

After the second harvest and studying on roots of different plants, I learned that few plants require bigger containers as the roots are more of fibrous in nature, few among those plants are Beans and bitter guard. So my plans is to prepare a better support for the vines for the bean and bitter guard plant.

This is the new structure that I created, this would be another experiment. There is no investment at all, so may not look attractive.

I could find that the structure was leaning towards
one side, so tied it with ropes from all ends like a tent

Also arranged plants surrounded along the four corners of the structure.

Four sacks are planted with Long beans and bitter guard

Most appropriate structure for any vines to climb is
being constructed here. let us see how this will work.

Four plants in sack in four corners, with bitter guard
and long beans.

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