Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Root Nodules in Beans Plant

The broad bean that I planted in sack grew in size and could fetch beans out of it. Now since it is almost saturated, I plucked it out from the sack. Since I am aware that the leguminous plant's roots has root nodules, nothing but the Nitrogen fixing bacteria, I would prefer to plant another verity or may be okra or brijal but not Bean plant. In a symbiotic relationship the bacteria convert nitrogen for the plants and in return receive nourishment for themselves. This could help the new plant to grow in much better fertile soil.

Another image on root nodule,these nitrogen fixing bacteria found on root nodes are good source in improving the quality of soil for the next plant. One of the reasons of crop rotation  is to improve the yield while planting a different variety.

Leguminous Plant : Beans

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