Friday, November 19, 2010

Terrace vegetable garden -Selection of plants to grow

Now its being 4 months since I started the roof garden, Let me give a brief on the number of plants, it's verities, size to which it grew and the vegetables that I could get from those.

First batch

 Okra (Ladies Finger / Bhindi ) 3 in Nos. ( Planted 4 months before)
 40 - 50 Okra in 3 months, Plants still has 10-15 buds.(Please see the below Images for the Grown Okra)
 Tomato- 6 Plants ( Planted 3 months before)
 8 Tomatoes used for curry, Plant still has more than 200 tomatoes but tomatoes are smaller in size.(Please see the below Images for the tomato size)
 Pumpkin - 3 Plants ( Planted 3 months before)
Only One fruit appeared but in growing stage. Taking longer time , but the vines are spreading around the roof.
 Green chilly - 10 Plants ( Planted 3 months before)
 4-5 chillies only , infected by pests , taking control measure while applying garlic paste spray and Neem leaf spray. I hope the plants will start fetching chillies in another 15 days.
 Snake guard 3 Plants ( Planted 2 months before)
 Plant grew in 2 meter Long and 6-7 flowers appeared but nothing turned to a fruit.

 Snake guard 3 Plants ( Planted 50 days before)
Plant grew in 2 meter Long and 6-7 flowers appeared but nothing turned to a fruit.
 Cucumber 2 Plants ( Planted 50 days before)
Plant grew in 2 meter Long. 
 Indian Spinach (Green) 10 Plants ( Planted 30 Days Before)
Every plant was matured enough to use for making curries. We had a good Dal curry while using spinach as an ingredient.
 Beans 5 Plants
Almost 100 Beans and we prepared different dishes out of it.
 Brinjal (Egg Plant) 1 Plant (Planted 4 months before)
 Fetch 6 Brinjal 
 Flower Gardens with Verity of Rose, Jasmine, Thetti ( Ixora)
 Flowers are constantly appearing. Enjoying the beauty of it.

This image shows the size of the tomato 
the seeds are of hybrid and each plant is 
giving more than 50 tomatoes, but smaller in size.
If I used fertilizers it may grew in size. But i prefer to 
be more organic, let me try out different options for 
the next batch.

I had to give support to the branches as it was too heavy for the branches to support the fruits.

See the number of tomatoes in one plant.
also you can see a pipe installed adjacent to the plant for supporting.

Okra once grown in 1.5 meter in height and if you find 
it is not producing anymore buds or fruits on its tip,
Cut the main stem from the lower part 
( Leaving 0.2 meters from the bottom).
New branches will emerge from the bottom and 
each branch will fetch okra.

Looking at the beauty of tomato, it never lets me to pluck from plant

Bunch of Tomato with few okra and Green chilly

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