Monday, October 25, 2010

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is another type of gourd which can be used in vegetable curry, this is mostly preferred for North Indian dishes.

Note: There is a correction in the previous post on this section, initially I was in an impression that this plant was Snake gourd , but once the fruit started growing I understand that this is a BOTTLE gourd but not SNAKE gourd

Seeds can be germinated directly in a bigger container or sack.
germination takes 7-15 days depending on the hardness of seed coating and the level of moisture.

Here in this image you can see 3 plants in one container,ideally the container of this size cannot support more than 2 plants. Lets wait and see......
Vines of  gourd  needs to be supported for climbing, here I have built a net like structure as a roofing for the vines to climb.

After 45 days the plant starts climbing and soon it started giving flowers.
In this image you can see the bud at one node of the leaf. I am not sure if this flower gets converted to a fruit. I heard that pumpkin, gourd , cucumber are the category in which the plan produces male and female flowers and only female flowers will fetch a fruit.

This image shows one of the flowers, it is been 3 months

Vines spread across the net and started giving flowers.
This image shows a female flower with an ovary.

This is a bottle gourd , in fact I was creating a post for snake gourd .The plant and its leaves almost looks the same for most of the gourd  category plants.

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