Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing Beans

Growing Beans is my next post, I am sharing few snaps on it with description and things to adhere.
Seeds can be sown first on a small container and require a moist / wet mud , another option could be the seeds can be left in water soaked for a day. Once you see the sprouts you can place that into the container or sack. 

Need more care during germination period, as small ants and other insects may get attracted to the cotyledons. so  suggest for a check at least twice a day. 

After 2 weeks
Until the seeds grown up for 2 weeks it was in flower pot , transplant the same to bigger container or sack. this needs more care as chances of damaging roots.

While transplanting loosen the soil/mud in the planted pot and pluck the plant with the underneath soil so that roots won't be disturbed much and transplant to another bigger container.

After One month

Beans vines needs to support to climb. In this image  beans plant was transplanted to plastic sack. 
support with fiber coir  for the vines to climb upwards so that the beans would be hanging from the roof of the hangers/ coir grills.

Beans flowers are shown in this picture. Next process would be the pollination, bugs, flies, butterflies will help the pollination process.

Proper care is required during this time as insects and other flies which may try to consume these flowers.
suggest for neem water spray, try to avoid chemicals as it may have other side effects.

After 60 days

Growing beans episode ends here , and finally you can see the picture with beans.

I would suggest the reader to make an attempt on it and enjoy the organic output and prepare dishes out of it.

Thank you for reading................


  1. i planted beans but no flowers in it about 3 months, but it is growing well. how to get yield from it. pls. guide me any one who knows

  2. Hi Muthu,

    Not sure what type of Beans seed you have used. There are a few category that grow as wild weeds and then fetch you the fruit. I guess it takes a months time or more which is a flat short and dark green bean. Otherwise there is no technique to produce flower.... ;)


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