Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on crop rotation, green manure, compost, biological pest control
and mechanical cultivation to maintain soil productivity and control pests.
Since in urban cities limitation is insufficient land for farming, the concept of terrace farming, vertical and container farmings are upcoming trends in urban farming. Here in this blog I will be sharing every single effort and techniques in building my Organic Roof :)

Location Details:

Country: India

State: Kerala

City: Trivandrum

Climate:Tropical, equable, hot, humid and dry.

Soil: Red soil in the Southern-most part of Kerala

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Okra ( Ladyfinger)

My favorite vegetable ....Ladies Finger. inspiration from friends and the delicious okra fry prompted me to start roof gardening. Managed to collect seeds from Kerala Agricultural College (Nadan Vitthu). From 3 plants I am getting 13 Okra in a week to prepare curry. I stopped buying okra from shop. 13 okra is not much sufficient  to prepare a fry, now planted 5 more plants.


Seed was sown on a tray first so that the seedlings can be transplanted. Make sure that the soil should not be marshy and the seedlings should be exposed to the sunlight.

After 70 days, 
Plants will give rise to leaves with small buds on the anterior part , which will fetch the flower and the fruit as it grows. Please find the snaps below on flowers and the fruit.

Flowers emerged and you can view teh pollination, when ever I reach the roof top i would be surprised to see the bees particularly for the pollination.

Okra in its shape...............
looking as fresh as it was born.........
Due drops on top of it gives a better afresh sight..........

I was excited to pluck okra and hurriedly looking to a curry rather a OKRA FRY!!!!!........

See the beauty of fingers..., the lady's finger

Fry is ready ...........i took the same to my office   and enjoyed the taste and the output of my effort silently without making others feel of it..............but want to share the same so doing it through this bloggggg

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vegetable garden on terrace or roof

Inspiration on growing vegetables on roof developed while discussing with my friend Mr D, he had lot of video collections and that influenced me and there was nothing that can stop me in doing this. Looking at the benefits apart from vegetables that I can fetch, there are other benefits like; spending time at home instead of hanging around in shopping, visiting places and having food from restaurants, I am occupied with my family and the plants. I call my friends to my home and we all have food from home lets live natural.................

The images shared here is the roof garden maintained by me, here I  have grown multiple varieties of vegetables,

Gardening on roof protect the roof from sunlight,
which controls the heat with in the rooms beneath.

Here I managed to grow, Peas, brinjal, tomato, Okra and lot other.

Planted okra in grow bags, for each plant one grow bag is used with compost soil.

10 plants can produce okra for 70-90 days. each plant will produce 5 to 10 okra, depending on the soil quality and sunlight and other basic needs of the plant to grow.

How to grow Okra, please view 

Planted long beans in grow bags, for each plant one grow bag is used with compost soil.

This plant needs support for climbing, so installed trellis to climb up.

10 plants can produce more than 2 kilograms of beans.

How to grow Long beans, please view 

Planted bitter gourd in grow bags, for each plant one grow bag is used with compost soil.

This plant needs support for climbing, so installed trellis or net to climb up.

10 plants can produce more than 2-3 kilograms of  bitter gourd.

How to grow Bitter gourd, please view 

Planted Beetroot in grow bags, for each plant one grow bag is used with compost soil.

Each bag planted with three beetroot seedlings, though the plant could not fetch good result, enjoyed the result when uprooted.

Planted one Pineapple in grow bag.

Planted Green chilies in grow bag.

Planted Cucumber in grow bag.

Planted Curry leaves in grow bag.

Planted Pumpkin in grow bag.

Indian spinach (Cheera) very much rich in nutrients.
Cheera plant takes a month time ready for preparing curry.

                                                                              In Kerala as a favorite dish, 'cheera thoran'  is served at special occasions.

Roof Gardening

Garden in courtyard has its own limitation of space if staying in town or any urban place. Optimum utilization of roof or terrace would be a better way to embed your interest on little pots. Yes garden on roof, I selected very few plants, as I am more interested in vegetables.

Bring blossoms in your life..............
Ashoka Tetti / Ixora

Red Rose

Jasmine Flower

White Rose

Yellow Rose

An uninvited guest, but awesome !!!!!looks,
and was never bothered while I was taking the Snap.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd is another type of gourd which can be used in vegetable curry, this is mostly preferred for North Indian dishes.

Note: There is a correction in the previous post on this section, initially I was in an impression that this plant was Snake gourd , but once the fruit started growing I understand that this is a BOTTLE gourd but not SNAKE gourd

Seeds can be germinated directly in a bigger container or sack.
germination takes 7-15 days depending on the hardness of seed coating and the level of moisture.

Here in this image you can see 3 plants in one container,ideally the container of this size cannot support more than 2 plants. Lets wait and see......

Vines of  gourd  needs to be supported for climbing, here I have built a net like structure as a roofing for the vines to climb.

After 45 days the plant starts climbing and soon it started giving flowers.

In this image you can see the bud at one node of the leaf. I am not sure if this flower gets converted to a fruit. I heard that pumpkin, gourd , cucumber are the category in which the plan produces male and female flowers and only female flowers will fetch a fruit.

This image shows one of the flowers, it is been 3 months

Vines spread across the net and started giving flowers.
This image shows a female flower with an ovary.

This is a bottle gourd , in fact I was creating a post for snake gourd .The plant and its leaves almost looks the same for most of the gourd  category plants.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin plantation

Pumpkin is the most delicate kind of plantation i feel, the seed it self needs some preperation to germinate.

Seed cover is too hard so suggested to rub teh tip of the seed on a sand stone till next layer is seen.
Then dip the seed in water for 1-2 days.
Now the seed is ready to to sown on a soil bed from where after germinating can be transfered to bigger containers.

Constant check , rather a daily check is preferable.
Need to check when vines start coming those needs to be directed as pre the space available.

If your growing it on a roof make sure that you spread a jute or other kind of mat so that the vines may not be affected because of continuous heat

Hey!!!!   after 60 days i could see the buds at every nodes. I was really exited to see this.

Lets wait for the first fruit ................

After 3 Weeks

My excitement went down a bit, as the flowers didnt fetch any fruit.
I understand that the flowers are of male and female category,
female flower has to pollinate to give fruit. Hope a female flower will appear soon.

WOW!!! last I could find the first female ovary ..."The Pumpkin"

Once the female flower appears with an ovary beneath, this flower needs to get pollinated.

Image on Left shows the female flower, I hope the inner projected structure is Stigma which needs to get sticked with pollen grains from Male flower.

Image on right shows the male flower with the pollen grains.

This video shows how I tried helping the pollination while using a brush. Since it was a rainy day when the female flower appeared, so I didn't find any bees or fly so while using a painting brush I managed to collect pollen grains from male flower (anther) and sticked it to the female stigma.

After one week 

Fruit grew in size and I have covered it with a
cup on it. But I feel it is already infected by
some pest.
Lets wait and see.

With the help of a knife I removed the worms in it and chopped off the infected part, it is still growing in size.

Approximately now the pumpkin size is 7 cm in radius.