Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pest Control

Insects, pests and other worms are constant visitors, rather a part in my organic roof and now became a kind of habitat. One way I feel happy to say that these organisms got attracted and living a life here. But my job is to control them from attacking the plants. I keep checking which insects are actually harmful, once identify one as spoiling the plant I use organic pest control measures.In this post I will try to update with all possible pest, insects that i find in my garden.

Tobacco leaf and garlic are the two ingredients that is being used for controlling pest. Usage of this will not kill any pest or worm, but will restrict it to reproduce


Further to that manually remove the worms from the leaves or found in any other parts of the plant.  

Usage of a sprayer will not cause any damage to the plants. Proper care needs to be taken while spraying as the smell of the natural pesticide may not attract the butterfly or bees those help in pollinating the flowers.

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