Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on crop rotation, green manure, compost, biological pest control
and mechanical cultivation to maintain soil productivity and control pests.
Since in urban cities limitation is insufficient land for farming, the concept of terrace farming, vertical and container farmings are upcoming trends in urban farming. Here in this blog I will be sharing every single effort and techniques in building my Organic Roof :)

Location Details:

Country: India

State: Kerala

City: Trivandrum

Climate:Tropical, equable, hot, humid and dry.

Soil: Red soil in the Southern-most part of Kerala

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snake Gourd Plantation

This was my second attempt in planting snake gourd. First time when I planted, it was attacked by worms and other pests, this time I took more care from the stage of sapling itself.

Ideally the gourd grows to one meter long, this one in the image is hardly half a meter in length. Planted four plants and got a harvest of ten gourds.  Among that two got infected by small flies.

The pattern of the gourd looks like the snakes skin.

First baby gourd appeared in 15 days. it grows from the plants node. 

Climbers needs support of net or any structure so that plant can grow in height.

Tied with a small stone at the bottom of the gourd to gain more length.

Every day needs to check the gourd and other parts of plant to ensure that it is not affected by any pests. Small flies or mosquito may sting the gourd and then later you may not notice, but will find worms inside the gourd when you cut open it.

Wonderful vegetable, the gourd pattern and shape looks exactly like a snake.

Snake gourd consist of humidity and little protein, fiberfat and carbohydrate .Its mineral and vitamins contents are calcium, iron, phosphorus, substantial amount of carotene, little thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.

Healthy Benefits:
  • Has a cooling effect on the body
  • Low in calories, fat-free, and great to restrain in weight-loss menus.
  • A lot of fibers which can help maintain your digestive region healthy.
  • The fiber is also helpful for those with diabetes.
  • A good resource of minerals like magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.
  • Helps inspire the production of body fluids, relieving dryness.
  • The juice of the fresh leaves of snake gourd is useful in the disorders of the heart like palpitation and pain in the heart on physical effort.
  • Snake gourd roots, on the other hand, provide as tonic and purgative. While its juice works as a strong purgative, a dried fruit combination would be a milder purgative that helps indigestion.
  • Has been found effective in treating dandruff. The juice should be massaged into the scalp. This is an easy home remedy for dandruff.
  • Snake gourd leaves have been found useful in jaundice (hepatitis). 
  • Snake gourd leaves are helpful as a purgative and emetic in constipated children, while its fresh juice works on poorly children through early mornings.
  • The juice of snake gourd leaves is helpful in treating alopecia, as well, a scalp sickness that results in partial or total baldness.
  • Bad about Snake gourd, its seeds and ripe fruit are laxatives, though, so they might source indigestion if eaten as food.