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Pests and Insects III

It was a real struggle to grow a new variety of tomato plant. This tomato bigger in size and so gets attracted by either rodents, birds or insects. After loosing around 15 tomatos finally planned to cover each one with polythene  cover. But poor tomatos were ill-fated and was attacked by caterpillar.

Black caterpillar found inside the polythene cover.
Just one worm and spoiled all the tomatoes in a bunch.

Caterpillar created the maximum damage to the fruit, while hiding inside teh cover unnoticed.

These are the outcomes.

Another worm found in green chilly leaves. they hide inside
 the folded leaves.
One among the most interesting worm found in snake gourd
4-5 worms hidden inside the stem. leaves getting dried soon
looked all through the stem and could find that the worm
pierced either from the bottom part of the stem or through
the roots. worms made tunnel kind of passage from the
bottom of the stem to halfway towards the top.

Long Purple Eggplant

Eggplants are of multiple varieties, one among this is purple long eggplant. It was a real surprise when the first fruit appeared. Since the seed of eggplant looks the same, I was expecting a green long eggplant. After a week when the leaves started growing in size I could find small thorns along midrib. I thought this would be some kind of wild plant but then felt to wait till the fruit appears.

Seeds where sown on a smaller cup filled
with compost. Seeds started germinating
 in 3-4 days.

Germinated seedlings were taken out from the cup and transplanted to bigger container. Container is already filled with mixture of compost and soil.

 This snap was taken 15 days after germination. Because of heavy rain it was quite challenging to keep the plant to stay straight.

Planted 7 purple long eggplants.

With in 20 days from germination it started flowering.

First Fruit appeared in 25 days from germination.

Fruit grew in size and length. In approx it took 30 days for the first fruit to get harv…